Sunday, June 1, 2008


Jake and I made our fun watermelon cookies last night. Every time I ask him if he wants to make them, he makes a funny face to which I always say, "no silly, they look like watermelons, they don't taste like watermelons." We both giggle and then get started. Now, I do have a great sugar cookie recipe, but I always use the premade cookie dough that you would find in the dairy section of your grocery store when I am making them with children. It makes the recipe quicker for smaller attention spans. To make these you will need the following:

1 roll of premade sugar cookie dough
mini chocolate chips
paste food coloring in red and green
circle cookie cutter

To make the dough: in medium bowl, add the roll of cookie dough with a little bit of flour. I don't measure it but add just enough so that I can roll it out. Add red food coloring. Kneed together.

Flour your cutting board so it the dough doesn't stick. Roll it out with a rolling pin or just have the children flatten it with their hands. Sometimes they like this better. Use your circle cookie cutter and cut out several circles. Cut each in half.

Place on your baking sheet. Add mini chocolate chips. We probably use more than a watermelon has, but we love these chips. LOL

Bake according the the directions on package. (usually it is in a preheated 35o degree oven for 12 or so minutes)

While they are baking you can start the icing. I use a pretty shallow bowl like an oval vegetable bowl. Add confectioners sugar with a few teaspoons of water. Add your green food coloring. Stir. It should not be runny, but not thick like you would spread it either. You should play with the measurements, the kids will like to stir it anyway.

Let the cookies cool completely on cooling racks. After they cool, while holding the straight side of the cookie, roll the other end in the icing (see picture). This should end up looking like the rind of a watermelon. Place on wax paper to dry. After they dry, store in air-tight container lined with wax paper.


Chrispea said...

Those are cute! Great summer cookie idea!!

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute and look so realistic:-)

Diedra said...

These will be so great for 4th of July!!!

jackfrosty said...

Great for Canada Day, too! We're definatly making these! Thanks!

Cathy Miller said...

Very cute! They do look great for July 4! Or Canada Day, JF!! Thanks for sharing!!

Kelli said...

CUTE!! I may have to make these for my kiddos, they would love them.