Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 3 Photos

Well, as I've said before, I've been really good about taking my photos. But, I'm really bad about posting them. Here it is February 3rd and I'm just posting week 3 photos. The weather here seemed much warmer and many of the frozen places have melted. The sky has turned really pretty for a few days.

Day 15: I've been told I have a Food Lion addiction. let's just say I like to go grocerys hopping and make sure we have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, LOL. Anyway, I thogught this looked pretty.
Day 16: Some generous patron gave this gorgeous flower to the library. Stunning!

Day 17: Driving around Kitty Hawk, we saw this beautiful fog scene. Jake told me this is his favorite photo of all of them so far. :)

Day 18: I had some baseline x-rays for my arthrtitis. Got some pther pictures too. The lady was very nice when I asked if I could take some photos.

Day 19: The blue sky was a mixture of the sun going down and some dark clouds.

Day 20: Just a pretty sunset on the way to the library one day.

Day 21: My students were working on a painting project. This student mixed a bunch of colors together and came up with this. I kind of like how it looks.