Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Few LOs From the AMR February Crop

All Moments Remembered has their monthly crop this weekend. They are always fun and have great prizes for the challenges they offer. This month's "theme" was tropical. So, the challenges and everything else, including music offernings and attire, was tropical related. Stacey asked us to paint our toes, Jessica offerend up some music, and Angie offered a fun challenge for us to show we were ready for the crop by wearing our fun tropical clothing and such. It was fun. I completed 3 LOs, but only 1 was for the crop challenges, the other 2 were for the weekly challenges offered at AMR.
The LO I did for the crop challenge was for us too do a summertime LO using citrus colors like yellows, oranges, lime green. You can add other colors but lets say you must have at least two citrus colors. I've had these great pictures of Jake from Oregon Inlet in Nags Head for some time now, so this was a great challenge for me. The colors of the paper are much brighter than the photo shows.

I also completed the weekly color challenge, but was a day late to submit it. But, it felt great to get this LO finished. Jake's grandparents took him out one day and they played on these huge tractors. I know Jake had a blast. Look how little he looks sittign in that wheel. So cute!

Finally, the last LO that I completed was for the product challenge. Not only did I submit it in time, but I also won. Woo Hoo!!! We were supposed to use fabric in our LOs, two PP, and alphas. I really like how this one turned out. And, that photo of Jake is just so stinkin' cute. He is such a happy little guy and it always shows in his photos. What a cutie! This is probably one of my favorite now and I loved using the fabric. I'll have to do it more often!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And They're Off

Saturday was a busy day for us. Jake had the Babe Ruth Baseball Conditioning in the morning. I was so happy to see how organized it seems to be. The boys (and one girl) were able to learn and practice some parts of baseball. They played a game and also broke into three different groups to learn some of what will be expected. One group batted with a tee. Another caught fly balls. And the last group caught grounders. Andy has been playing catch with Jake for a while now, so he felt pretty confident. But, he had never hit the ball before. He said he had a blast. I'm looking forward to more baseball practices. Oh, and the boys play with a pitching machine, not a tee, so this is cool. I see lots of practices in our future. After this we got a quick lunch before I was off to work for a few hours at the library. I then met Andy and Jake at the Parks and Rec for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. OMG this was so cute and fun. Jake was so proud of his car. He designed it and helped with the carving. He painted it by himself and also added the faces to the "people" driving the car. The leaders gave them all driver's licenses. Jake didn't win any of his heats. But, he said it was fun and was very happy that his friend Wade won the while event.
And, a local photographer, Bob Summers of Shoot The Beach, took some pictures and offered us to download them for free. Here are some of his awesome shots. Oh, and make sure to check out his wonderful photography here. Oh, Jake is the green car that looks like a truck with people in the front seat. So cute!

Monday, February 16, 2009


The DT at Use Your Stash has added their cards for some good inspiration. The stash item for the month is ribbon, as you might remember from my earlier post. The cards are gorgeous! They show such creative ways to use up your ribbon on a card. There is still time to get your LOs in, BTW. You could win that great prize!

For my card, I made a valentine's day card. I made the ribbon into and "X" and put a circle ("O") sentiment inside. Hugs and Kisses...The paper is Little Yellow Bicycle Love Letters "Kiss Dots". It is such beautiful paper!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun New Products

For Christmas, my parents gave me this really cool gift called a DigiPro Drawing Tablet. I finally had a chance to take it out of the box and upload the software. OMG, this is very cool! It is a drawing tablet that uses a pressure sensor pen. OK...I can upload my signature easily into a file. I can make my handwriting a font. I can use this with my PSE 6. I can draw...well, I can't really draw, but I could let Jake draw a picture and use it in my scrapbooking. I can highlight directions or write on them. There are so many uses for this. The best part is that Jake loves it too. We played hangman right on my desktop yesterday.

Also, last week I bought a Pandigital Photolink One-Touch Digital Scanner. This is also easy to use and so practical for me. It scans in print pictures and stores them on a SD card. I can then hook it up to my computer and import them into PSE or I can put the card into my camera and upload them later with more pictures. Why is this cool or becessary you ask? Well, you don't have to be in front of a scanner. It also scans them pretty quickly. And, I have tons of print pictures that I'll eventually have to scan. I can use this while watching TV. I can use this wherever I am and while I am doing whatever.

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed. I submitted a few things for contests or publication. I'm so excited! I've never done this before but you never know.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Ribbon Challenge

Well, some of you might remember that I design for Use Your Stash. They have terrific challenges each month and just put up a new one. The prize is a good one, too. So get ready to use those scraps! The prize is sponsored by Jen Blackwell with Ready, Set, Create Ezine. She is giving the winner a one year subscription to this!!! Who can't use some inspiration here and there?
So, the challenge this month is to use your ribbon. I know I have tons of ribbon scraps. I used mine in lieu of PP on this LO. Oh, and there is a lot of inspiration from the DT on the blog. Here is my LO that I did for this challenge.
The picture is of my friend Barb's dog, Cinnamon, and me. Barb and her family live in Rio Rancho, NM and this was taken when I visited in 2001. This is just the sweetest, cutest dog, and
I just wanted to take her home with me.
Check out the challenge and enter!