Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 365 Week 2

OK, I am really bad about posting these photos! But, finally, here are week 2.

Day 8: So pretty. I was waiting in the line to get Jake from school and thought this looked pretty.

Day 9: Children's videos from work.
Day 10: More of the frozen sound. Crazy! But, it was finally starting to melt a little.

Day 11: A Christmas present for a friend that I still haven't seen. I was finally getting around to wrapping it.
Day 12: Jockey's Ridge. They haven't had standing water like this in several years, but e've had so much rain here. It should be back to normal before tourist season though.

Day 13: This is the beautiful view from our deck.
Day 14: Jake's beautiful blue eyes!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project 365

Well, last year, some scrapbook friends participated in the Photo a Day Challenge. They did a fantastic job which game inspitation to try it this year. I know I can take a photo each day, but, the challenge for me will be to make them fun and also work on a project with the photos. But, I'm giving it a go. So, here are the photos for the first week.
Day 1: Jake was enjoying his grandparents' massage chair (complete with reading light, LOL).

Day 2: Jake and I were simply goofing around.

Day 3: We always stop and eat at The Cracker Barrell on the way home from visiting relatives.

Day 4: Like father, like son. Both of them staring at the Wii.

Day 5: I apparently killed my aloe plant while we were away. It must have rained then frozen. :(

Day 6: Came back to the beach to find that the sound had frozen. It is quite beautiful and even amazing that a body of water so large and in this reagion would freeze. Day 7: Jake holding my hand. Love how he still likes to do that at 8 1/2 :)