Monday, June 16, 2008

Wild Wild West Birthday

Jake had his Wild Wild West birthday party yesterday. The kids had a blast. Since it was Father's Day, in addition to the cake, we had cupcakes that said, "Happy Father's Day" for the fathers that gave up their day and came to the party.
The invites turned out great. I used parchment paper which I distressed with brown and black ink. I found a picture of Jake in a cowboy costume looking quite the outlaw, so I added that. I also added a few flourishes and used a cool cowboy font, called "bleeding cowboys". The picture just shows the top of the invite, the bottom had the info like time, place, etc on it.
For the goodie bags, I used a great fabric which I stuffed with some candy, toys, waterguns, stickers, candy. I tied them with a rope ribbon and added badges to the front.
The Pin the flower on the Cactus game turned out great. For the kids' flowers, I put their outlaw names on them. They were: "Jake the Kid", Annie Oakley, Jeffrey James", etc.

We had the panning for gold. I bought rocks from the dollar store and spray painted them gold and then a glitter gol. We burried them in the sand and gave the kids sand sifters to pan with.

We also did a shootout game. They used a watergun to shoot at the bottles. I bought waterguns for this, but they didn't put out enough power, so they had to used the super soaker.

The kids won various prizes for the games. I also put their outlaw names in my pink cowboy hat and had the youngest child pick a name for a door prize.
Jake got a lot of great cards and gifts. One of the kids ran to Jake's room and quickly made him a card. It said, "Your party was awsome!"


angie said...

great pics!!!...looks like a GREAT party!!!...i know that you are glad it is over...
;) angie

Rachel said...

This party looks so fun and adorable! I think my favorite part is the goodie bags. Too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like it was a fun party. :)

Marfa said...

What an awesome cactus game....and those bandana-wrapped goodies...looks like it was FAB!

Chrispea said...

Wow, great party!! I love the favor bags, what a fantastic idea!!