Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Teacher Gifts

Jake's last day of school is this friday. Tomorrow is the end-of-year party for his class. They are walking to the beach and listening to the lifeguards talk about beach safety and having lunch. Then they are going to the putt putt place acrosss the street. So, I thought I'd finish the teachers' gifts and bring them there with us. Jake and I decided to make each of them a little mini book/gift card book using pictures of the class, pictures of the teachers, and some of his work. Jake picked out the colors for each of his teachers and helped me make these. I think they turned out pretty well. Each page has a pocket where we put a gift card to various local places.

This is the one we made for Mrs. Jones. The other for Mrs. Weaver is a different color scheme, but pretty much the same otherwise.

I just loved this picture story Jake made. It says, "I can make a difference by planting flawrs because It will mack the world pritee."
For those that might quick need ideas for teacher gifts, I made these for teacher appreciation week. They were very easy to make and looked great! They candy bars were on sale for a dollar at the grocery store and I used paper, ribbon, and bling from my stash.


Kelli said...

Your teacher gifts turned out wonderful!

Marfa said...

Lucky teachers!!!