Thursday, May 29, 2008

Texting fun

Tuesday night I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to go lie down and read while Andy and Jake were watching TV. Andy taught Jake how to text me using his iPhone. Keep in mind that Jake is 6 and mostly his computer contact is at school. We don't have computer games at the house at all. We don't even have a gaming system. So, he thought it was pretty cool. Here is what transpired: (warning it is very long)
Jake: Hi Patti. What ya doin'? (Andy was helping him here)
me: Reading, you?
Jake: I'm sitting down watching Million Dollar Baby (um, OK)
me: Cool is it good?
me again: Do I hear Deadliest Catch?
Jake: yes
me: cool
Jake: Good night patti
me: Nighty night handsome!
me again: Oh, and enjoy the movie!
Jake: Thank you Patti
me: Night
Jake: I love you Patti
me: I love you, too!
me again: So now what are you watching? (I heard the TV go to the history channel and Andy going outside to the hot tub)
Jake: I dont no
me: Turn on something else then
Jake: No
me: So you like whatever is on then
Jake: Yes I do (by now I am thinking I need to teach him some abbreviations!)
me: Cool
Jake: OK (he has now started to text me and then run into my bedroom to see if I got it. Then watch me type and run back out to receive the text)
me: You are so funny!
Jake: Yes I am fuuny (and modest, too)
me: I'm a lucky girl to have such a handsome funny guy
Jake: Yaaae!!!! (He then runs in to see if he spelled it correctly which I wouldn't answer
me: Come lie down with me for a while (he is now on the bottom of my bed on his stomach)
Jake: No!!!!
me: You don't want to snuggle with me?
Jake: You have to much room on the bed
me: The better to snuggle with
Jake: I ooopioooooihvxcfff
me: Silly
Jake: What!!
me: You're a silly boy!
Jake: Oh yah well you Love Me
me: You know I do!
Jake: Yes :(
me: Why the sad face? (and who taught you that?)
Jake: Because you sed sumthing I did not no
me: What? You didn't know I love you?
Jake: You are silly!!!!
me: I get it from my son :)
Jake: What's whith the hapy faec (he is now next to me in the bed)
me: Because you make me smile and you make me happy
Jake: Darned!!!!
me: Huh?
Jake: can I lae whith you Patti.
me: Sure. Go get ready for bed and come right back. (we've been texting for over and hour and it is past his bedtime)
Jake: OK

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Stacy said...

That is so cute and funny!