Thursday, May 29, 2008

Texting fun

Tuesday night I wasn't feeling well, so I decided to go lie down and read while Andy and Jake were watching TV. Andy taught Jake how to text me using his iPhone. Keep in mind that Jake is 6 and mostly his computer contact is at school. We don't have computer games at the house at all. We don't even have a gaming system. So, he thought it was pretty cool. Here is what transpired: (warning it is very long)
Jake: Hi Patti. What ya doin'? (Andy was helping him here)
me: Reading, you?
Jake: I'm sitting down watching Million Dollar Baby (um, OK)
me: Cool is it good?
me again: Do I hear Deadliest Catch?
Jake: yes
me: cool
Jake: Good night patti
me: Nighty night handsome!
me again: Oh, and enjoy the movie!
Jake: Thank you Patti
me: Night
Jake: I love you Patti
me: I love you, too!
me again: So now what are you watching? (I heard the TV go to the history channel and Andy going outside to the hot tub)
Jake: I dont no
me: Turn on something else then
Jake: No
me: So you like whatever is on then
Jake: Yes I do (by now I am thinking I need to teach him some abbreviations!)
me: Cool
Jake: OK (he has now started to text me and then run into my bedroom to see if I got it. Then watch me type and run back out to receive the text)
me: You are so funny!
Jake: Yes I am fuuny (and modest, too)
me: I'm a lucky girl to have such a handsome funny guy
Jake: Yaaae!!!! (He then runs in to see if he spelled it correctly which I wouldn't answer
me: Come lie down with me for a while (he is now on the bottom of my bed on his stomach)
Jake: No!!!!
me: You don't want to snuggle with me?
Jake: You have to much room on the bed
me: The better to snuggle with
Jake: I ooopioooooihvxcfff
me: Silly
Jake: What!!
me: You're a silly boy!
Jake: Oh yah well you Love Me
me: You know I do!
Jake: Yes :(
me: Why the sad face? (and who taught you that?)
Jake: Because you sed sumthing I did not no
me: What? You didn't know I love you?
Jake: You are silly!!!!
me: I get it from my son :)
Jake: What's whith the hapy faec (he is now next to me in the bed)
me: Because you make me smile and you make me happy
Jake: Darned!!!!
me: Huh?
Jake: can I lae whith you Patti.
me: Sure. Go get ready for bed and come right back. (we've been texting for over and hour and it is past his bedtime)
Jake: OK

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wild Wild West Winner and Some New Photos

Thank you all for the terrific suggestions for our Wid Wild West Birthday party! We will use so many of them. And, I will make sure to post pictures as we make them.
Ok, for my (not so) secret method I put all the names into a bowl and stirred them up. Then had Jake choose a winner. The winner of my giveaway is Amber - Tink13. Congratulations! I will get these right out to you.

And, some beautiful photos to share:

Jake and I walked to the sound and were able to take some beautiful pictures around sunset.

I also was able to catch Andy and Jake in the hottub. We have the camper open Since Jake has wanted to go camping in our backyard on occasion lately.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wild Wild West and a Giveaway

Help! Jake's 7th (OMG!) birthday is just a few short weeks from now. We are planning a Wild Wild West party for him which will be held in our backyard.
So, I've planned the invitations - Wanted Posters - which need to go out soon. I'm working on them now. I have some ideas for the food, decorations, and fun, and I've bought a few decorations, but need your help with some crafty ideas.

So, please help me by adding a comment giving me your best ideas for the party. On saturday night, I will choose one lucky reader to receive some wonderful scrapbooking goodies. Here are some pictures of the yummy things you will receive. Thanks for your help!
Here is another picture: felt fusion (2: black scroll and orange flowers), white Signo pen, beach/summer word stickers, and Studio K letters. Cute!
Another shot: journalling tags, K&Co chipboard words, and rub-ons (some numbers and Bohemia "Summer". Again, cute!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sad Weekend

Sadly, our beloved dog-friend, Briquette, passed away this weekend. She had been acting lethargic all week and didn't want her treats, but friday she wet inside. So,we planned to take her to the vet on monday. Saturday night she threw up in the middle of the night and had trouble walking. When Andy took her outside to go to the bathroom, she wouldn't get up off the deck. When I went outside, she seemed so frightened, almost sad. Andy took her to the emergency vet in Chesapeake (VA). They noticed a huge (grapefruit-sized) tumor on her stomach. She passd that night. My question is why didn't she show symptoms before this? I mean with that size tumor, the symptoms shouldn't have just showed up. She had been to the vet twice since New Year's, too, for normal check-ups. We miss her already. She was our friend.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Got a new bug!

A Cuttlebug, that is! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Well, it came today. I am sitting at our store staring at it and awaiting the time I can go home and play with it. The minutes are just dragging along and I am not being very productive here at work. With it, I got the Textile and Stylized Flowers folders, and they are so pretty. They should make for some awesome LOs and other projects.
In the meantime, here is another LO I did recently. This is a great picture of my Great Grandfather (Pop Pop) and Great Grandmother (Ma Ma) with my Dad and uncles. The picture was taken about 1956. I think Pop Pop always looked like that. He passed away when he was 98 in 1988 and looked the same as he did in this picture.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Few New Layouts and Photos

Well, we've been working a lot, which is good. But, it doesn't leave a lot of time for fun. So, I thought I'd share a few more of my newest LOs and photos for the Photo a Day for May challenges I'm doing.

This first one is my favorite picture of Andy and me. The photo was taken at my good friend Karly's wedding, by Lisa, another friend. Check out Lisa's photography at She is so talented!
I don't usually use pink when making LOs with Andy in them, but even he liked this one.
Here is a photo of the Kill Devil Hills water tower. I liked how the sunrays beamed down on it.

Mailboxes at the Kill Devil Hills Post Office. Love the pattern they make. OK, where is that Cuttlebug?

I took this picture of Andy and Jake at the Elizabethan Gardens in Roanoke Island in the spring of 2003. Andy kept putting Jake's floppy hat on all of the statues. It was actually pretty silly. If you've never been to Roanoke Island, you should come visit. The history is so rich and there is quite a bit to do, even for little ones.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Wonderful Mom's Day and a new LO, too

What a great day! I had mentioned to Andy that I really only wanted a day to relax and scrap. So, he obliged. How great is that! They went fishing at the pier and brought home about 8 fish for us to eat. Yummy! We spent the morning together, eating breakfast and opening gifts. They left for a bit, then came back for dinner and dessert, which they took care of for me.

Jake gave me a homemade card and some presents that he made in school. Look at that great card! It reads:

Dear Mom
thank you for all of the things youve done for me.
I love you so much.
I am so glad you are my mom.
You are so nice

My parents sent me a check and I used it to buy a cuttlebug and embossing dies. They should arrive early this week. Thanks Mom and Dad. I will definitely enjoy that.

During my free time, I was able to get a few LOs done. Here is one of them.
My parents eloped and only have this one picture from their wedding. I love how the LO turned out.

I hope all of you all had a great Mother's Day too!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

So I decided to take the plunge and try blogging. I'm hoping to make this a place where friends and family can come see what is going on in our slice of heaven in the Outer Banks. So, I'll be posting updates about the family. I will also be posting scrapbook LOs and projects, as well as some photographs. Right now I'm doing a Photo a Day for May challenge over at both ARM and Creating Keepsakes.

Here is a LO I made last night using some ugly paper for a challenge over at AMR (love this board!). The orange polka dot paper in the center of the LO is that paper. I think I dressed it up pretty well. Jake was a little afraid when he started to ride his bike. But, he did really well and enjoys it now.

Here is one of the photos from day 7. They are therapy balls. I liked how they were so colorful and how they reflected in the mirror. I took the photo using my cell phone (LOL) lying down on a mat doing some sort of exercise.

Here is a LO of my son from when he was about 13 months. What a cutie!

In honor of my beautiful, smart, and wonderful mom, here is a LO I made using a photo from when we lived in Berlin. I was about 1 (don't you just love the tongue hanging out of my mouth). Isn't my mom gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day! I love you.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful day.