Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wright Brothers Memorial

A good friend's daughter, Betsey, is visiting us for the week. We are taking her to some of the wonderful sights here. One of the first stops was the Wright Brothers Memorial. Located in Kill Devil Hills right on the bypass, it is easily accessible to all of the visitors here. The cost is very reasonable, too. Kids 15 and under are free and adults are only $4.00. Also, your pass is good for a week, so you can go back during your visit here. Jake, Betsey, and I had a great time walking around and listening to the park ranger discuss the origins of flight. Inside the museum are a real plane and glider that the Wright brothers used. Here is the museum from the outside. It looks rather small, but is really filled with a lot of interesting information. They have a bookstore/gift shop where you can purchase all sorts of great books, pens, pins, and posters. Also you can find toys and t-shirts.

The Monument looks wonderful on top of the hill. At night it stays lit and really is beautiful. The view from the momument is spectacular. You can see the ocean, too.

Outide, you can see the storage and living quarters the brothers used. Also, are the stone markers which mark the exact location of the first four successful attempts.
Also on the grounds are two newer buildings. They have more information about flight, flags fom every state, and one building has a show to watch.
Interestingly, when we were going to the car, an old plane started to land right in the field. I don't think it was planned, but as soon as it started to land it took off again. There is an airport right next to the grounds, so we thought it was odd.


Anne Marie said...

Great pictures! I'd love to go see that museum. I've been to that part of NC many times, but never went to the museum.

Chrispea said...

Looks like you guys are having fun so far!! I'll have to check out that museum the next time I visit Obx!