Friday, July 18, 2008

Corolla Lighthouse

While Betsey was visiting, we took her to see the Corolla Lighthouse. It is gorgeous and the climb isn't so bad. There are apparently 214 steps inside the lighthouse with a number of landings on the way up to rest. If you've never been, you should visit this while here. Oh, and they do give group tours and hold weddings on the premises. That could be so pretty.

The spiral staircase is pretty. Andy noticed how as you go up, the stairway gets pretty narrow.

The inside has several landings on which to rest. Some have windows to look out. As you get higher, the view from the windows is pretty nice.

Betsey was having a great time. Ok, all of us were.

As you can see here, the view from the top is spectacular.


angie said...

great pictures...i'm coming to visit you!!!
;) angie/craftyscrapr

Stacy said...

Fantastic pictures. I'm coming with Angie, LOL!