Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Aquarium Fun

Betsey has since gone home. Our house seems so empty. Andy even mentioned that it is quiet and something is missing. She was a such a pleasure to have visit.
While she was here, we took her to see the North Carolina Aquarium in Roanoke Island. We have a membership, so we didn't have to pay, but I believe the cost is pretty inexpensive. Also, with our membership (that only cost $50/year for the family), we get a discount in the gift shop. The best part is that they have a reciprocal agreement with something like 200 other aquariums and zoos across the nation. That means that if you are visiting, check your membership to see if you can use it to visit the aquarium here.
Personally, I love the aquarium here. It is large enough to offer a good variety of fish, sharks, and other animals, but small enough for young children to really enjoy. They also have an outdoor area where the kids can dig for dinosaur bones (Jake loves this!) and other fun stuff.
The exhibits are great. I love Jake's expression in this photo of him looking at the octopus.

Jake saw this alligator and had to pose for this picture. He was so funny. Look at that face, LOL.

He used to hate touching the stingrays. His class went to the aquarium this year and somehow he came out loving the touch area. I guess peer pressure can be OK at times. ;)

Will the frog turn into a prince for Betsey? How many frogs will she have to kiss before one turns into a prince? Of course Jake would rather play with this frog. Kissing a frog? Gross!

Jake's favorite exhibit is the shark tank. He would stare for hours if I let him. Too bad I didn't get a good picture of a shark. They have about 5 huge sharks last time I counted.
In another area, they have a few animals including these turtles. Can you tell Jake took this picture? Do you see his reflection?

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angie said...

great pictures!!!...looks like all of you had a great time with betsey!!!....
;) angie/craftyscrapr