Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Break and Easter Fun

Well, it has been a while since my last post. Jake has been off for spring break and we've been busy. All week, Jake had different friends come over for some fun. We did laser tag one day, worked in the yard, fished off the dock, and a few other things. I taught a class for a friend who works with adults who have traumatic brain injuries or iqs of less than 70. What a wonderful experience. The group was so positive and really enjoyed the activities. I was hugged a lot and told "I love you" so often. What an uplifting and wonderful day! I hope to do this again soon. Here are some pictures from the week and also from Easter.
I made the ham like my mom used to make. Wow, so delicious! Thanks Mom!
Here are the boys helping me in the yard. OMG the yard is a disaster...we will be working on that for some time! I think the people who lived here before didn't touch the yard. Look at the ohoto of our backyard. Gross! But, I'm planting some new flowers and some vegetables. So excited because I also have some strawberries and grapes. Andy wants watermelon and Jake wants a pumpkin. We'll see what grows. I'm also planting some tomatoes and cucumbers and thinking of maybe a few more. Who knows?!

The SavvynSassy Great Ribbon Rave ended. I didn't win, but wow! That was a fun and exciting contest. Here is my week 6 entry. This photo is from Jake's 4th birthday party. These girls had so much fun at the party and looked like they were having a blast on the jumping aparatus.


mustangkayla said...

Beautiful layout! Great pictures!

Chrispea said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. We've been busy, too. I'll email you later. Take it easy!!