Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Jake and I just love decorating these cute Easter Basket Cupcakes. They are so much fun for everyone and taste good too! If you have young children helping, I recommend that you make the cupcakes ahead of time. One year I was camping at Easter and didn't have an oven, so we bought un-iced cupcakes from the bakery section in the grocery store. The first step is to add green food coloring to both the icing and the coconut. I used two shades of green so it would look like it had more depth. I also like to keep the icing and coconut separate because I found that if you put the coconut on top of the icing it looks more realistic.
The next step is to bend a licorice stick so it looks like an upside down "u" and put it into the cupcake. This will make your handle. After that, add some jelly beans to look like eggs in the basket. I used Jelly Belly jelly beans because of the size. But, you could use regular jelly beans or even M&Ms.
Have fun making these little treats!

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Chrispea said...

Those are so cute!! Very do-able with kids, too.