Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Few Tidbits

Do you ever find a good book that makes you love the author again? Well, this summer, I refound Michael Palmer. Loving his books! I own two and then this summer, Dad gave me The First Patient and The Fifth Vial. Over the last month I've also read Miracle Cure. I'm now reading Critical Judgment and The Society which I borrowed from the local library. Have I said how much I love these books? I read pretty much any genre of book, but I love thrillers and mysteries. Michael Palmer writes medical thrillers. The thing that makes his books believable, and in my opinion great, is that he writes about things that could happen to any of us. His books prey on our fears. For instance, do you ever wonder what happens to the blood when you get bloodwork? Why do they need so many vials when a drop might surfice? What if they take an extra vial for their own purpose? The Fifth Vial uses "fear" as a scenerio in the book. Check out his books! Read for yourself. I'm sure your local library will be able to borrow it for you if they don't have one in their collection. My friend, Angie, gave me this blog award a few weeks ago. Thanks! I love getting them. Funny thing is that I need to give it to 7 people. But, as my scrappal, Chris (who also got one), mentioned, everyone already has one. So, I'll give this award to everyone whose blog I read and love and any new ones that I come across.
So, I haven't been blogging as often. Well, if you didn't know, we moved a few weeks ago. Love the house, hate to unpack. School started, as well as football. Jake also starts cubscouts tonight. I started teaching a class for the CC here. Love it! But, it is a night class, so I often come home exhausted and don't get much of anything else accomplished. I've also been interviewing for FT jobs. This week, I have a second interview with the director here. Wish me luck! And, fortunately, Andy's business is picking up. Even though it is still pretty hot here, people are thinking ahead and either buying fireplaces or servicing the ones they own. I've been trying to do the alphabet POTD at the AMR board, but haven't been able to scrapbook. Maybe some day soon I will be able to scrap. I have the mojo, but not the time. Here are a few of my alphabet pictures.