Friday, September 4, 2009

Crayon Fun

OK, so what to do with all those broken crayons that seem to accumulate and end up all over the huse? Well, you can make some new crayons with them, of course! All you need is a bunch of crayons in all different colors and a metal pan/mold. Since my molds are not metal, I used my mini-muffin pan.
The first step is to break all those crayons into smaller pieces. Then you can place the crayons pieces into the molds. I try to get a bunch of different colors mixed together. Kids can certainly do this part by themselves, too. Then, place the pans/molds into the preheated oven set at 200 degrees. Wait a while until they completely melt. I just waych this so I'm not sure of the time this would take. Plus if you use smaller mold it will take less time. :)

Finally, carefully take them from the oven and allow them to harden. Be careful not to allow the wax to mix. When they are hard and cool, turn the pans/molds over and out pops your new crayons in your fun shapes.
Have fun!!!!

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